Curve for Substratum
Substratum mod

With the arrival of 8.1 and Pixel 2 XL, Google implemented a way to add rounded corners and icon spacing without the need of a custom app. It's all in the system but hidden, but thanks to this mod, you can set an elegant rounded corners on your device

Get Roboto Back
Flashable Zip

Did you miss the original Roboto system font? We don't but, for those who want to get the default font back, here's your help zip

Root method

Magisk is the latest way to get your device rooted. It comes with secure methods to bypass SafetyNet and also a great systemless mods to tweak your device

PitchBlack Origins
Substratum theme

For those who wants a Dark UI with vivid colors and keep the UI simple but elegant, this is one of the best options. Also, we took some inspiration of this theme to make some colors

Project Shinka-PD One
Audio mod

For those audiophiles who want a good soundmod on your device, this may be your best option for tweaks the audio to the max. Also, compatible with Oreo

Quetzal | Dark
Substratum theme

For those who wants a Dark UI with an elegant but interesting selection of icons, colors and also a transparent UI. If you want something more than a Dark UI, this is definitely something you might like