The 5.2 - Mayday release is here!

Hey everyone, welcome to this update post! It was like 4, 5 months? since out last one, and this update was a bit hard to prepare because between this whole pandemic situation and more other things, it was a bit hard to work on things but anyways, hope you’re safe after all and be ready for some of the things we’re about to share with you. This release is called Mayday because it’s a bop. But well, let’s start sharing what’s new on this release.

The 5.1 - Lucid Dream release is here!

Hey these, welcome back to another post about this new release. This release is called Lucid Dream as it’s a song that actually relates to our goal with this release. We’ve been through a lot of thoughts and testing during this release, and we hope you like the final result, as our approach with it was… simply coming back to our roots, but more on that later. First of all we have to thank our team members, dinosnore, simrat39 and tribual and our maintainers for their contributions, and hard work testing. Without their help and testing, this release couldn’t get out faster. Now, let’s talk about some changes…

The 5.0 - Kwerk release is here!

Hello everybody, and welcome to another blog post! The wait is finally over, after all these months with some release expected to the first half of november or even the christmas week on december, we can finally bring you to all this update and also, a stable release. Welcome to Bootleggers 5.0, we finally made it! Our musical codename is Kwerk and it’s because it’s pretty chill. What isn’t chill is some of the new things we have on this release, and we can’t wait to show you what’s happening, so buckle up and let’s start.

The 4.7 - First MadStinky release of 10 is here!

Hello everyone! There’s a lot of things that we have to tell you since our last Pie release, related to the project and the community. But first, we have to answer some questions: First, what’s going to happen with Pie? and what about 10? Let’s talk about it

The 4.3 - jason is dead release is here!

Hello everybody! After a really long period of planning, some great stuff, some pretty bad stuff too, we finally reached our 4.3 release. We called + jason is dead + because this is our moment to chill. We want to thank our community who waited for this release, and for those who supported us. We got into our second Android Release, and if it wasn’t for all your support, feedback and VoLTE questions, this couldn’t be possible.

The 4.2 - IIIIII release is finally here!

Hello everybody! Hope you’re having a nice monday. After almost 2 months of a bit of work mixed with some difficulties, we can finally release our 4.2 release. Our musical codename is IIIIII because it’s the most accurate representation about this release went. We got a bit of a chaotic month between some time constraints, some attempt to get a gerrit working, but then, we did a bit of work on the sources and we feel that it could go better but we can’t delay this release anymore, so, here we are. We have some small news about this release and some extra stuff we want to tell you so, fasten your seatbelt, here we go!

The second pie release is here!

It’s been 3 months between our first pie release, that took a really long time, but finally, Bootleggers 4.1 is here! Our musical codename is Highlights because we got a lot to highlight.

The first Pie release is here!

After various months of our final Oreo release and experiments with our Pie version (Thanks to all the testers of the MadStinky releases) we decided to release the first version of Android Pie. Say hi to Bootleggers 4.0! Our musical codename is Goodbye Star Girl because it’s kinda energizing and relaxing at the same time.

The Frumoasa update is finally here!

After a super long hiatus of some teasing with screenshots, headaches, rumors that we left everything dead and a Android release, Bootleggers 3.0 is finally here! Our musical codename is Frumoasa because we were about to eat too many shrimps but decided to relax a bit.

The Everybody shut up update is here!

Hey, how was it going? It’s been a while but the waiting is finished! Bootleggers 2.3 is finally here! Our musical codename is Everybody Shut Up and it’s because something like this happens 87 times a day.

The Dreambender Update... and a lot happened

Well, after a lot of various thing and a bunch of stuff we have to talk, the 2.2 milestone/release has arrived! Our musical codename is Dreambender because it’s an incredible song.

The Calma Update

Hey, sorry for all the delay but finally, the update is here! We call it Calma because it’s a cool name and it’s a bit about what’s on this builds.

The 2.0 Release

Welp, the time is over and here we are with a new update, that we may call Blue Print because… we can. After a long time with an 1.0 version that wasn’t so stable, we decided to jump and go into 8.1 even though it took their time.

Introducing Bootleggers

Introducing Bootleggers! An awesome aftermarket ROM which is based on cherry-picking useful features from various other ROMs. We here are trying to create something different, something that you could trust on and use without any issues or doubts in mind. We are evolving everyday while being glad and thankful to our users,developers who are supporting us. We don’t promise that we are cool, contains uncountable features and blah blah blah! but we promise stability, usefulness and the biggest factor i.e. trust. We need you to help us develop a ROM which is different yet easy to use and maintain with security and beauty. Come join us! We are always wating for you!.