The 5.2 - Mayday release is here!

Posted by Bootleggers Team · 29 August 2020

Hey everyone, welcome to this update post! It was like 4, 5 months? since out last one, and this update was a bit hard to prepare because between this whole pandemic situation and more other things, it was a bit hard to work on things but anyways, hope you’re safe after all and be ready for some of the things we’re about to share with you. This release is called Mayday because it’s a bop. But well, let’s start sharing what’s new on this release.

Pandemic Panic, but Spicy… Special features?

As you might know from now, there’s a big pandemic happening and there’s a lot of things happening regarding this situation. This affected us severely because our team members started to get busy with their own life situations, and well, the lead dev too, also there were some poor planning and server issues that made things hard to work on, that’s why this release is a bit super late, but we tried to give our best to give you some updates. There might be some changes and hotfix rolling up while we wait to R (or 11), so feel free to suggest them, and we’re planning to do a small update after merging the last September security patch.

Regarding official devices maintainers: We couldn’t review any of the forms sent throught this 3 months and we want to sincerely apologize. Also, from the bottom of our hearts, we appreciate your support and your interest of bringing your device into shishufied releases. Unfortunately for now, applying for maintainership is a bit pointless because of… well, the new release being really soon, so we won’t add new members until we start working on 11. Once again, we want to apologize and appeciate all those interested.

Now, as you might’ve seen on our twitter, we shared some previews of our shishu themes coming back to Android 10. The answer is: yes, we brought back all the themes… excepting cosmos and protostar that were… not so much impressive. We took care of bringing them back, with some small changes (some things in regards of the new light/dark mode, other in regards of more things, have fun checking it) but always taking care of their style and their nice aesthetic. As always, in the Theme Picker there is a nice preset with a beautiful wallpaper made by our lovely @BTLGWalls community but you can make your own custom theme, and also maybe find some more UI Styles, Fonts and Accents, who knows? >:] (hint, there’s a Pitch Black for those AMOLED lovers for dark mode, and maybe more, hope you enjoy the new theming stuff), also, we brought back QS Styles, but some of the designs got some changes for compatibility… and 2 more styles, so have at it tweaking everything and making your device your 家 again. Also some small bug fixes and changes are done, but that’s where our lovely changelog list gets to tell you what’s new!


* Fixed some bugs, some related to themes, some in other parts (like Lockscreen cover art)
* Added LiveDisplay support
* Updated system recording to remove any restriction
* Clipboard access toast
* Added more theming elements 
  (NOTE: in that theme elements, we also brought up Shishu Themes, excepting 2. Sorry but cosmos and protostar were too cringe)
* Added POSP volume panels (Compact, Oreo and that)
* Added pulse
* Removed any reference to based department because we were posting cringe
* Live Volume Steps
* Notif Counters
* Custom carrier stuff
* Logos in statusbar
* New VoLTE icon, made it smaller because of notch limitations
* QS Tile Styles are back
* App network restrictions 
* Toggle for qs brightness arrows
* Header offset and QS Header styles 
* New ringtone and alarm sounds made by @ElDainosor
* And maybe more

As always, hope you enjoy this release, even though it took way too long, but anyways, hope you have a great time using this release. As always, hope you and your beloved ones stay safe, and if you enjoyed our work, feel free to support our lead dev/graphics guy/guy that makes the source unbuildable for months or ask your maintainer how can you support his work. Thank you once again for your patience for this release, stay safe and have a good week!