The 5.1 - Lucid Dream release is here!

Posted by Bootleggers Team · 23 April 2020

Hey these, welcome back to another post about this new release. This release is called Lucid Dream as it’s a song that actually relates to our goal with this release. We’ve been through a lot of thoughts and testing during this release, and we hope you like the final result, as our approach with it was… simply coming back to our roots, but more on that later. First of all we have to thank our team members, dinosnore, simrat39 and tribual and our maintainers for their contributions, and hard work testing. Without their help and testing, this release couldn’t get out faster. Now, let’s talk about some changes…

Small changes that makes a difference

Let’s start with something about our goal with this release, something that our ROM was missing was some UI things. Like, we’re on Android 10, the AOSP team left that interesting app called Theme Picker, and it has some cool things like clocks and stuff, why not have fun with that? So we did. We decided to experiment with one thing, that was the clock. We’ve made some designs based on one thing: Aesthetics and functionality. Because something is good looking doesn’t mean it’s useful or handy. So, we gave our best, we learn about how the clock part works, and we tried to do our best to bring up some quality clocks. Hope you enjoy them. And with all this new ground to play, we decided to also bring up lockscreen clock fonts. So, have fun tweaking that to our needs. But beware! Something we noticed during our testing phase is that the date/weather part has some issues (like showing up even if it was disabled, or our custom designs not having the weather because we had to do some custom date views), and it was a bit hard to implement the weather in the clocks (we’re still researching about how clockplugin works, so we’re sorry) or how to workaround things. But we’ll give our best to get things done. Also, get ready for some new things to pick on ThemePicker soon, we have some fun projects to work until we get to the new android release, so stay tuned!

As a tradition, we added a wallpaper app, for now it’s just some quality wallpapers from the community, and all the wallpapers made during our releases. Some are good, some are… bad. But those are there regardless. Also, there’s a few surprises, so check it out. Maybe in the future we’ll have a wallpaper app that checks for new walls from our channel? Who knows >:] For now, enjoy them. Oh, also, here’s the changelog about what’s being added or changes since our release.


* Source rebase from march security patch
* Fixed/updated some overlays regarding system colors support, not updated on current themes as they had issues.
* Some gesture navbar changes, like hiding the pill and haptic feedback
* Notification light support
* Lockscreen charging extra info
* VoLTE icon
* Customization for clock and battery icons
* Updated network traffic
* Smart charging
* Toggle data icon and roaming
* Added new Partial Screenshot UI from LOS, and long screenshot support
* Forgot to take the trash out, brb
* Brightness slider customization
* Added the classic sammy clocks, with custom font support
* New spicy clocks from our kitchen: Divided Lines, SFUNY, Oroño and 2 based on MNML Lock Clock Mods (credits to AmalD)
* Switched from LOS recorder to AOSP internal one, with the new R based dialog, credits to DU
* QS Blur
* Pocket mode
* Switched the LS blur down to 7 instead of 25
* Added all the launcher funnies: From our intro to the custom messages, to the new UI made by us, to a new Now Playing that has more compatibility than the previous iteration
* More support of custom system fonts, it can be better.
* Switched from camera roll to a purified version of QuickPic made by WSTxda from WSTprojects
* Added new icon pack (enabled by default on shishufied builds) made by simrat39
* Added LOS protected apps (only works on Launcher3, sorry lawnchair folks)
* And maybe more

We hope you have a great time, stay safe with your beloved ones on these hard times, and well, enjoy this release. We can’t wait to bring you more fun things soon. As always, please, be patient as our maintainers are working hard on things, so the release for some devices might take some time. If you enjoyed our work, feel free to support our lead dev/graphics guy/guy that makes the source unbuildable for months or ask your maintainer how can you support his work. Thank you once again for your patience for this release, stay safe and have a good week!