The 5.0 - Kwerk release is here!

Posted by Bootleggers Team · 20 January 2020

Hello everybody, and welcome to another blog post! The wait is finally over, after all these months with some release expected to the first half of november or even the christmas week on december, we can finally bring you to all this update and also, a stable release. Welcome to Bootleggers 5.0, we finally made it! Our musical codename is Kwerk and it’s because it’s pretty chill. What isn’t chill is some of the new things we have on this release, and we can’t wait to show you what’s happening, so buckle up and let’s start.

Before we start, a special thanks

Before we start with this update we have to thank you. On december 23rd, we just passed 2 years since our first public release. The whole idea was to have fun and build this ROM with special features and maybe some fun thing here and there, and this was it started this project, and we are glad to be the home of many people throught the years. We can’t be more thankful for the amount of users and maintainers that came and went through all these two years of this project going on. So, we want to thank you all for this 2 years of support, and we have plans to make this release like it was back on our roots, and have fun with it. So stay tuned and huge thanks to all those who supported our project, and also thanks to all those projects that help us and also gave us material to kang (just kidding), we couldn’t be there if it wasn’t for your help or inspiration. Now let’s get back to the business

Recording the Themes, re-writing the dreams

Android 10 brought back a interesting feature, which is a native dark mode, that’s something they were messing around from many years (since marshmallow if we remember properly) and now it’s a reality. Also, there’s a new fancy tool from AOSP called ThemePicker, which is a new app, merged inside the wallpapers app that allows you to choose from themes, to custom Lockscreen styles, and it’s a fun, interesting idea but it needs some potential. There’s a big guy that found that potencial and took it to the max (no pun intended) and it was maxwen from OmniROM and they brought a dark theme picker called Primary picker. You can select your primary color from a list, and on dark mode you’ll have them enabled. We decided to take that feature and kind-of-expand-it-kind-of-break-it and call it UI styles. What’s UI styles basically? It’s a selector of a Theme basically, but it allows to enable Settings and SystemUI overlays in case you want to make that feature bigger. Do you want to mess with buttons style and backgrounds and make it it’s own thing? you can do it. This might be a nice tool for themers or some people that want to maybe make their own approach of a AOSP theme. We have to thank Omni for the primary idea, and we have to put this as a disclaimer: For user installer themes, you can only put System overlays (the ones that target “android”), but for system apps, you can do System, Settings and SystemUI (you can do that easily with a magisk module or a flashable zip). We hope this brings up a lot of theming oportunities in the future and well, it’s the first version, the UI needs some tweaking and improvements 100%, but we hope that some themers bring up their ideas or feedback to it, we’ll be glad to listen and improve this feature in the future. Also, as a reference, we added some UI styles to get what’s the intention of having that feature, with AOSP style, Pissel and even Solarized (based on that terminal theme, a certified hood classic). Here’s some screenshots.

There should be a screenshot of our beautiful UI styles here but something went real wrong

Moving on, you may ask, why is the recording on the tile of this section of the post, and what to heck is this cursed tweet? Is PopCap sponsoring you? Why you brought back that old people puzzle game you boomers? It’s because of the Internal Audio Capture recording. But this time is completely using the new AudioPlaybackCapture API. We have to thank @kcrimi from github to having a screen recorder code that made the implementation easier. So full credits to him. You can also start quick recordings by adding the screenrecorder option on the QS or even adding it directly on your Power Menu! There were a bad thing about this: It only was enabled by default on Android 10 targeted apps, but we did a small tweak and now it works on apps targeting android 4.0 (which is 90% of the apps available, note that this change might affect how things like Pixels Live Capture, and it might have support for more apps). The only thing is, if you notice that the app that you’re trying to record it doesn’t get any audio on your video is because the capture for that app is disabled (some app devs like Spofity Android devs are clever rascals). So, hope we give you a new tool to make screen records easier!

About other things, we brought back the following features:

- Launcher3 tweaks: Icon packs, at a glance, a dark mode friendly google panel
. Material toasts
- Suspend actions
- Power menu options and disable on secured lock
- QS columns and rows
- Network indicator with OOS style (thanks ArrowOS)
- Pulse on new tracks and ambient visualizer
- Lockscreen cover blur and our silly filters
- Toggle brightness slider, auto brightness icon
- Show running services and even our custom footer text instead of the build info (you can make your own too)
- Vibrate on tapping QS tiles
- 3 Fingers to screenshot
- Headsup with all those tweaks
. Fingerprint tweaks like error vibration and all that jazz
- OmniJaws for weather (because it's reliable even on a non-gapps scenario)
- OmniStyle with our header spicy selection, and also, a bug fix for 4K images that made the SystemUI crash and burn
- Maybe some more things

We’re glad to finally showcase this and there’s more things to come. There might be some bugs here and there, we’ll do our best to fix it on a future release, we don’t want to delay it any longer. Thank you for this wonderful 2 years, and #KeepTheBootleg. Also, we’re looking for some new team members that can bring up some fun ideas or even help us improve with some features. If you want to participate, let’s us know what’s on your mind on our Telegram chat. And that’s all for now! Hope you enjoy this release, and have a great time with our funny features. Have a great week!