The 4.7 - First MadStinky release of 10 is here!

Posted by Bootleggers Team · 11 November 2019

Hello everyone! There’s a lot of things that we have to tell you since our last Pie release, related to the project and the community. But first, we have to answer some questions: First, what’s going to happen with Pie? and what about 10? Let’s talk about it

About Pie: Our Pie source reached the point that we can’t work on that anymore. So we’re officially dropping Pie support. If some maintainer wants to work on that and update to the latest security patch, that’s the only thing we might update, everything else will be the same, and there won’t be any support from our chat. If you apply for maintainership for Pie, your application will be ignored.

About 10: We told about 8 days ago on our Twitter that we were about to release our source within one week. And we’re announcing that we’re releasing our MadStinky source… Today! As always, the source isn’t up to our standards to what we wanted to release but well, we need some extra testing outside of our circle. We got some small things for now. We’ll work on features in the following days. But for now the current sources have:

  • Shishu Foot Lettuce back from the start
  • Small changes on Settings (like protecting your IMEI and number on settings, BootlegDumpster with some few features, like shutdown animations, QS privacy chip toggleable, and others)
  • ThemePicker working just on the basics: You have default themes, but you can make your own with some custom fonts and accents.
  • Some small fixes

We have to thank people like LineageOS, StatixOS, AOSiP and OmniROM for all the help, commits and some info about the ThemePicker! We got some things to you to have fun with, and there’s more to do. We have to clarify something: We’re going to release Shishufied MadStinky builds but the whole intention of that is that you have to do your part and give feedback, in case some things are broken or even if your device tree needs some changes, but ALWAYS with a log in hand or even adding how to recreate that possible issue. Else, your issue will be completely ignored, so beware, coward! Remember that our source is on our BrokenLab, so, expect a bunch of FCs, bootloops and more, but, if you want to help us out with letting us know what are we missing and other things, please, let us know on our telegram chat. Now, as always, we ask you to be patient, some devices will release some testing builds as soon as they’re ready. We’ll let you know on our Telegram chat.

And with that we would like to end up this post about this release, but we wanted to talk about the huge amount of support our community is giving us! This project wouldn’t ended up too far if it wasn’t for all your support and feedback. And I (ElDainosor) would like to personally thank everybody from the bottom of my soul for the support and help on the crowdfund. This release got a bit delayed because lavender got some device tree issues mixed up with some bootleggers source issues. So, apologies for that. Huge thanks to AmulyaX, kjjjnob, rama982 and the whole xiaomi-sdm660 team on github to making a pretty rock stable source, you guys rock! Massive shoutout to my boy merothh who as always, he’s being working with me since the beginning and helping me a lot with the project sources, and keeping everything up-to-date and clean. We’re going for the 2 years, baby! And a massive, massive thank you for the following people that helped on the crowdfund:

Stefano P. · Michael K. · Leonardo A. · Raufi M. · Friedrich O. · Anupam A. · Hardik S. · Himanshu S. · Amogha N. · Sumeet S. · Arju A · Stephen P · Pietro S · Dima S. · Paolo C. · Cv (thetoymaker) · Melvin · Noob God · John K. · George D. · bada_187 · Adam M. · Chintaparthi A. · Mudi J · Saurabha R · Mark H. · Steven C. · Hasan Y · +2 Unknown users

Without you all, this release wouldn’t be possible. And as a small gift for you all for waiting this long, we’re shipping an alpha of Shishu Dreams theme, it might be missing some theming, and ThemePicker is pretty limited, we have plans to expand that later. But have fun with it! Remember that builds will run out soon, be patient and that’s it, let’s get this testing bread, gamers!