The 4.3 - jason is dead release is here!

Posted by Bootleggers Team · 04 September 2019

Hello everybody! After a really long period of planning, some great stuff, some pretty bad stuff too, we finally reached our 4.3 release. We called + jason is dead + because this is our moment to chill. We want to thank our community who waited for this release, and for those who supported us. We got into our second Android Release, and if it wasn’t for all your support, feedback and VoLTE questions, this couldn’t be possible.

Two months of news

Welp, we got some interesting things happening that delayed this release a lot. Some of things were pretty positive, like… We have a domain now! Instead of using 2 different urls for devices and the website, now we have something pretty unified. We got some issues with OTA but thanks to our maintainers and the people who reported the issue, we got it sorted out. Also, we got a temporal server donation to host a Gerrit, but there were issues with the machine. We appreciate it and it really helped us at the time of working on some stuff, so massive thanks to Brenden for his help! Also, it’s worth mentioning to thank you all, from the peole who enjoy this ROM and welp, share it with their friends, brags their setup or even go the extra mile and send us a donation, that helps us to improve, from a stability point to even a infrastructure one. Also, we got some bad news, from some broken features, to some maintainers coming and going away, until something that might delay the Q release, more about that later.

What about the new things?

This release was planned to be something bigger, but after a talk with our maintainer, we decided to add changes that are pretty essential to close down this Pie chapter, with a mix of… trying to improve what we had already and fixing some bugs and keeping everything up-to-date… and why not having some fun inbetween? That’s why we share to you our changelog:

* Gaming Mode v2 -Now with roblox support-
* Fixes for QS detailed view
* Advanced location enabled
* Added support for Pixel stand
* Updated some boost framework stuff
* Adding cutout force full screen
* Shishu Launcher Free with a premium upgrade added
* Added LiveDisplay
* Force powersave on system apps
* New intro for new devices
* Moving net indicator to expanded statusbar header
* Fixes for Q clock strings
* Long screenshot
* Internal Audio recording
* New launcher quickspace stuff: Adding now playing -even though it's not fully compatible-, Personality (taken from lawnchair) and a new UI, more minimalistic
* Fixed the inverted navbar layout
* People actually fell off thinking that Shishu Launcher Premium was a thing, so we reverted that joke on our changelog
* Switched to Lineage Fingerprint on Display code
* Added support for sliders for OP devices
* Added some goofy stuff: like The Drill and Developer mode insulter
* Updated our APNs
* Fixed dialer dark numbers on numpad
* Misc fixes
* Removed Roblox as system app

We have to thank our team of maintainer who were giving a lot of help through this release, and some special mention to rohan3422 for giving us a big help with some updates and fixes, and also Anirudh for some headsup about broken stuff. We hugely appreciate it.

The plans for the Q10 release

Now that we close this episode, we have to move to Q and see what we can do on this new version, the good, the bad and the ugly, and we’re hyped… but something bad is happening with the lead dev phone.

(El Dainosor speaking here now) Between this two months, my Moto E 2015 that started it all, and went all through all the changes and experiments, it’s slowly dying. It started with some battery things like, shutting down at 15 percent, and i didn’t mind, but now the SIM slot is gone, i can’t use data anymore, tried with another sims, went to stock and nothing happened. So, that’s a gigantic bad thing because it’s my daily driver and i can’t use it at all outside of my home. Then, the battery situation started to get worse and welp, it’s shutting down in 30-40% now, so, it’s showing it’s age and the low end device build quality (it’s amazing how it survived this long). So, as i can’t test and use it properly, the Q delay might be postponed for a while. It’s uncertain the amount of time i’ll be without a phone to give it the daily use for a real experience of Bootleggers on the daily basis, but we’re thinking about some alternatives to work on Q as soon as possible. But for now, the new MadStinky based on Android 10 won’t be here soon, so sorry about that.

And well, that’s about it. As always we want to thank you for all your feedback and support, once again, and thank all the incredible people that works on the Custom ROM scene and always brings up something interesting to the table, from a simple switch to disable a stinky x on the signal icon to adding support to new hardware and more incredible stuff. And as always, hope you keep the bootleg and have a great week.