The second pie release is here!

Posted by Bootleggers Team · 29 March 2019

It’s been 3 months between our first pie release, that took a really long time, but finally, Bootleggers 4.1 is here! Our musical codename is Highlights because we got a lot to highlight.

Our first release went fine but we were missing a lot of things, since features that we got back on oreo, from some inconsistencies or even bugs on our Launcher, so we took a very long time to pull the ROM and the final product is here, ready to be broken and force crash in every way!

Before we start talking about what’s new compared to 4.0, we want to thank everybody who tested, gave us feedback and helped us on this release. We had a bad time with OTA but we nailed it. Have to give some special mentions to shagbag913, jenslody, to calebcabob (AquariOS), simrat39 and each of every one of you that kindly gave us all your feedback, and well, had fun with the project!

The new… stuff

In retrospect, we didn’t added so much, we invested time on OTA and minimal stuff like setting up our Telegram bot to check our info, and many more, but we brought back some zombies like Ambient Visualizer, and well, other things that other projects brought back like Lockscreen Clocks, Statusbar Headers and many things like that. Those eye-candy clocks from oreo are back! With some new gradient additions to follow your system-accent addiction. We also took some time to add some features that we’re completely missing out since our first release, and ironing some bugs to give space to other bugs and issues to come. The changelog will be at the end of the post.

The new stuff: OTA, and community stuff

Previously, we asked our community on telegram about the decision of a music player, and many people asked for Phonograph, so we’re switchted to phonograph back again! But we’re using a special version flavored by the OmniROM theme, that allows us to theme it up and make it part of our core system theme! Also, we’ve added more headers based on some nice submissions we got on our group, and we want to thank everybody for their submissions, ideas and creativity. Also, always shout out to the BTLGWalls bois who always blow our minds with their spicy wallpapers. Be sure to check them out, they’re doing an incredible job!

We want to talk you about our OTA app, so now, you can get the the latest update on a notification on your device, as it should be. We decided to use LOS Updater as a base because it’s a nice, compatible base, with a clean up designed by eldainosor and shagbag913. It was a 2-3 weeks ordeal but with the deep testing of our maintainers, we sorted it out and it’s mostly working. If it has some bugs, please let us know! Also, the info that our maintainers sends to the OTA app is the same one that you might see on our telegram bot or even our website! We finally could unify our info about updates so we can offer you a more fresh experience.

We hope that this addition brings you less headaches when a new release is up, and hope that your device gets updated sucessfully!

Oh boy, a changelog?

As we took 3 months with a bunch of interruptions and issues, this changelog might be short, but we’ll put here the changes since our 4.0 release! (Take that into consideration, people who got builds inbetween)

But anyways, our changes from 4.0 to 4.1 are:

* Fixed derps on powermenu toggle and secure power menu
* ROM rebase to fix statusbar clock, now it should be work correctly, and even behave nicely on notch devices!
* Statusbar Headers 
* Lockscreen clocks
* Launcher3 rebased and completely up-to-date
* Switch volume panel position + Extended
* Smart Pixels
* Grid recents are back
* Recents clear all + membar
* Support for elmyra sensor (Active edge for the squeezy bois)
* LS cover art filters, like grayscale and blur (might be buggy)
* Kill all on notifs guts
* Ambient ticker with new UI (based on Q beta)
* Minimal stuff, like FP vibration authentication, disable qs slide on secured phones, tiles like sync and ambient display
* Added our OTA app
* Switched to gboard go and phonograph
* Removed woodman
* Slim Recents
* Added changelog section
* Themes: Themed more apps like OTA, Dialer, Contacts, File manager and phonograph
* WPS Support
* OP gestures
* Smart and quick pulldown
* Some more optimization to Ambient Ticker and many other features
* Added john notwoodman, who isn't woodman

Hope you enjoy our release, and as always, feel free to share your opinions on our telegram group, or even share wallapers, headers, or have a great time with this update and make yourself at 家.