The first Pie release is here!

Posted by Bootleggers Team · 26 December 2018

After various months of our final Oreo release and experiments with our Pie version (Thanks to all the testers of the MadStinky releases) we decided to release the first version of Android Pie. Say hi to Bootleggers 4.0! Our musical codename is Goodbye Star Girl because it’s kinda energizing and relaxing at the same time.

After various months of testing features, and trying to get some stuff back, we tested it and we decided to get the best that’s right now on Android Pie. There are a lots of things missing compared to our Oreo releases but this is a first stable release, so there will be time for adding anything else.

As we’re on the final week on the year, we’ll do a small retrospective of our first year

Bootleggers, a year of pure learning

We remember back then on December 23, we were doing the first release of Bootleggers, Android 8.0, and it was a mess. Recents button was broken and it was pretty unusable. The commit history was messy, the sources were broken kind of all the time (that didn’t changed though) but well. Android 8.1 released back then and we decided to move to that and start everything from 0. And then it was months and months of work, experimentation, some bugfixes and well, our community started loving since the default fonts to the Themes (one of our Themes ended up being part of PixelDust Project! that’s nuts). And well, on this time, we learnt about the do’s and don’ts on these Android projects and we have to thank all the people from other projects, like DirtyUnicorns, AOSPExtended, OmniROM, ABCROM, Xtended, PixelExperience, PixelDust, and many other projects that taught us a lot of things, we shared fixes and ideas, and well, to being so supportive and helpful all the time. And well, thanks to all the projects that are working hard on bringing new stuff on the table, because without them, the Custom ROMs wouldn’t be a thing without their magic. Big shoutout to all the maintainers that went, supported us and some of them left, some of them still rolling with us, and the new maintainers who fell in love with our idea, our themes, or whatever that made them get on their scope, and help us with support patches, or fixes, or sharing our project with many more people and make them feel like 家. We wouldn’t be here without your help.

The 4.0 releases, no more stinky stuff?

As you might know, we started releasing a public beta source on another org, mostly used for big releases, like our rebase or our first Pie version. Now that we’re finally close into a almost stable point, we’ll start working on 4.1 but definitely on our main github org. In case that we need a massive rebase or something big happen, we’ll switch to our experimental org. But well, our first pie release might get some silly bugs but we’ll fix it on the meantime. Some of our new stuff for the previous MadStinky users is:

  • Smartnav with pulse blacklist
  • Random Bootanimations (3 different bootanimations at boot time, credits to shagbag913)
  • Statusbar logo and some more
  • Rounded Corner and padding
  • At a glance on Launcher (With custom date and fonts, full credits goes to CypherOS dev, sirhc by doing a OSS at a glance -a.k.a QuickSpace-)
  • Lockscreen mid-screen shortcuts
  • And more

There are some bugs (Maybe some from launcher, or mid screen shortcuts showing up on ambient display), but we’ll work in the future to see how to fix or workaround those. We’ll keep you updated on that matter.

We thank everybody who tested our ROM in the MadStinky status, and reported issues/sent fixes or tell us some features we’re missing. That helped us to get this done quickly and give you a more clean 家.

The anniversary… facelift?

We’re so proud of getting a year working on this small project, and see how far it got, it’s speechless. From getting 3000 users on our Telegram group (and still maintaining our OT group in a dead state, you’re amazing!) and well, reaching 150 followers on our instagram account! (we need to post some stuff like wallpapers, features in the future or fan logos, we’ll see), and we continue to grow, we’re out of words. We even see our ROM on (the latest Pixel)[], so to celebrate this anniversary, we’ll do a new logo on our new channels/groups. Hope you like them and thank you all for the support!

The sources will be up in the following 24 hours, and our maintainers will work hard on give you this new release as soon as they can, so please, be patient and stay updated!

Once again, thank you all for your support, and see you on the bootleg side!