The Frumoasa update is finally here!

Posted by Bootleggers Team · 18 August 2018

After a super long hiatus of some teasing with screenshots, headaches, rumors that we left everything dead and a Android release, Bootleggers 3.0 is finally here! Our musical codename is Frumoasa because we were about to eat too many shrimps but decided to relax a bit.

This update took a really long time because it was everything from 0, so we decided to pick everything slowly, carefully test and then, when we saw the clock it was too late to make a simple quick release so, we continued working and working on the final product that is finally done. We have to thanks to our testers for reports and reminders of stuff we forgot and well, for those who were waiting to us, sorry for take too long, we need to improve somehow.

Now, that we introduced something of the stuff related to this post, let’s talk about the essential stuff

The rebase

This is one of the things that it’s a challenge because of the time it takes and how it’s the ROM community related to updates and stuff. Even being a small ROM people still worries about your work and what’s going on, and we hugely appreciate it. The rebase was a really hard process of redoing stuff clean, adding features that were there but in a clean way because of some bugs (here’s an example: QS tile titles required a SystemUI reboot to get refresh, that was due to some bad mismerge from our part, but thanks to Ezio and his commit list, it was easier to add it and working 100%, all the thanks goes to him) and well, some stuff needed some tweak too, like themes. So we also implemented fully subs support (we’re still not a certified ROM but hope we can be for P) and also our themes got updated for avoiding issues that users reported with YouTube Vanced, to get more compatibility and also, some minimal improvements for being more aesthetic. And talking about themes, we have to introduce our new 2 themes: Immensity, a planned substratum exclusive (the substratum theme was planned to port Shishu Themes to other ROMs and maybe as a method of donation because there’s a family to be fed, but deprecated due to time constraints) that’s basically a dark transparent theme with some accented stuff, ideal for those who want to match their wallpaper with their accents and Amalgamation: a dark theme that’s a mix of our Shishu Themes and also some experiments that didn’t made the cut on the original ones. Hope you enjoy it and have fun tweaking your UI to the max. Take a kind note that every theme got their default wallpaper made by our BTLGWalls community, so take a look on the Wallpaper picker app and hope you enjoy them.

The 3.0 update in general

This update is more like adding some stuff that users requested though all this time, some of them didn’t made the cut but features like accent color on QS, Brightness control by pressing the statusbar, Flashlight on call and call recording is merged. We added two themes,as we said before and also, added some customization to Launcher3, the At a Glance widget is cool but the Google Sans font may get annoying for a while, so we added fonts to tweak it at your taste, or even use the System default one, added the possibility to set it to uppercase because some fonts looks cooler on uppercased text, and also spacing in case you want the A E S T H E T I C out on your home, and don’t loose the accuracy of the Google Weather info. So hope this update worths the wait. Also, talking about updates, we should give you an update related to Android P and our plans.

Android Pastafrola and our plans

We told this before on our channel, and we kinda get it stated on here: Android P is getting really quick and we’ll surely work on that, we have to improve that ugly UI with those inconsistencies. But something that I (eldainosor) said on the channel and didn’t expected to happen is that my device (Moto E 2015 LTE, surnia) got it booting really quick thanks to people who made it boot on osprey (Moto G 2015). It got some bugs, yes but that doesn’t mean that I need a fully stable, stock-like build to start working, i’ll start to work on P soon and i’ll spam you with news about it. Now i have to take a nap before start preparing the sources and stuff, but that Bootleggers P will be a thing… for sure it will be, just stay tuned to our Telegram channel or our Telegram group for more news about it! And well, let’s stop wasting time and let’s release this final oreo update.

It’s been a blast to grow as a ROM, as a community and thank you all for your love and patience! We hugely appreciate it. Now that this update is up, it’s time to work on another update, this is so sad, alexa install despacito launcher

Hope to see you soon on the P battlebus!