The Everybody shut up update is here!

Posted by Bootleggers Team · 21 June 2018

Hey, how was it going? It’s been a while but the waiting is finished! Bootleggers 2.3 is finally here! Our musical codename is Everybody Shut Up and it’s because something like this happens 87 times a day.

We really know that was a looong time after we update and we’re super inconsistent with our update schedule so, we apologize from the bottom of our hearts and we got to be honest, it was a slow 2 months period of testing and improvements, even more stuff broken and some news around us that we have to tell you.

Related to the team and stuff like that

Well, as it always happens, new devices arrived so, we’re growing more and more and we have to thank as always to every maintainer who decided to support us and make our project gets a bit far on every build, this may seem as a small thing because welp, the magnitude of android and stuff like that but that people get interested on the mess that’s bootleggers and give us support is really hearthwarming and we have to thank them because without them, this project will stay in the dark. And also talking about maintainers: We have to say goodbye to merothh, our Redmi Note 4 maintainer and the first device who got bootleggers officially (that wasn’t the moto e 2015 who started it all) and help us grow as a project not even on source code side, even on a community line as a whole, like supervising maintainers, working really hard on this project and thanks to him we did it so far, and also he maintaining mido was a huge publicity boost so, we really appreciate all his work and wish him the best because it’s a incredible person to work with. And welp, after the rainy days, the sun comes again -wew, it sounded better on my head- but let’s say hello to our new member: Mati Halperin. He’s also a really cool guy who’s really working hard and decided to help us with big stuff from our part. First of all, a big rebase of the source code is planned, that’s basically stop relying on GZOSP and using a AOSP base with the compatibility that LOS got. We really appreciate all the GZOSP work and our full admiration to the developers, but it gave us some headaches at the time of device support and we decided to move to a cleaner base with a better support for newer devices. But after all, thanks for making a nice base for newcomers like us to start projecting something like bootleggers. Hope mati brings a better experience for all of us and welp, another thing on the list is a Testing group for our rebase, that needs a bit of discussion because we actually need people who tests builds and reports, not people who wants the latest releases and doesn’t give us feedback. Maybe more news on that on the following weeks.

Related to the ROM and stuff

Welp, this new update brings some cool features like Clock Styles, Fonts on lockscreen, some features like Gesture Anywhere, some many, many tweaks and improvements (hope everything is better for all of you) and welp, the comeback of 2 features that we guess that aren’t making stuff bad now: P animations and Slim Recents, for more fun and stuff like that. We also took a incredible tool from AICP (thank you AICP team for this useful feature) that’s log it: It allows you to do a log and send it as a zip or even post it on hastebin, in case you want to send us some issue or, in case you want to send some kernel dev some logs or whatever the case it is, you can do it on a simple interface. And there’s a lot more to highlight, since the header images to be expanded on the whole statusbar and even the shadow now tints the right color to Smart Pixels and the Disable Wallpaper Tint with our little twist, hope you enjoy the new features and once again, we apologize for being slower than a snail on a salt road. We promise to improve it on future releases.

And that’s it, hope you enjoyed this time waste of blog post, and as always, the builds will be out when maintainers can, don’t spam them, god damn it. Once again, sorry for being so slow and hope it worth the wait.