The Dreambender Update... and a lot happened

Posted by Bootleggers Team · 14 April 2018

Well, after a lot of various thing and a bunch of stuff we have to talk, the 2.2 milestone/release has arrived! Our musical codename is Dreambender because it’s an incredible song.

As the title says… a lot happened on this release, it was a incredible month for us, from the good side also from the bad side but without futher ado let’s start explaining

A lot happened… on our ROM

When 2.1 released, it was hugely liked and we got some new members, also we got a bunch of more supporters and people helping us to improve the ROM… one of them is Rkschunk, our maintainer from OP3 (you surely may heard of him before, if you don’t, it’s a really cool guy). He decided to support our ROM at the point of helping us with the sources and how we can improve the experience.

The days passed, and we decided to merge SlimRecents. It was working fine and we were on a test release, but suddenly we got a bunch of reports of people claiming bad battery life, and devices suddenly heaten up. And Rkschunk reported the same, so we took time investigating the issue and it was all due to slimrecents. Maybe it was a mismerge but by now, we won’t ship it. But we got that sorted out and we have to thank all the maintainers and testers who reported all the issues and tested all those builds.

Then life happened to the team, and the code updates were slow, and there was like a week without news, so it was hard to keep both at the same time, hopefully it was just a week and after that, we got back and continue giving our best.

Also, out of nowhere, a guy called silverlibs decided to push into our sources a TON of commits, all related to fixes on the Android System overall and also on Settings, when we saw it we were like… wtf, why this amount of commits, and by testing it, we saw that the system got improved and smoother, and also settings got some issues fixes. So huge thanks to silverlibs for his help! We really appreciate it.

And well, after that, we should thank to our maintainers to help at the time of adding features, at the time of helping and testing, and for still supporting us. We can’t keep the bootleg if it weren’t for you alll guys. And talking about features, we got some stuff merged like Fruity Pebbles (you can see which colors you’re setting on), Lockscreen Clock Fonts, Recents Style, Quick unlock and FP bypass, and many more! Also, we added two themes: Shishu Nights, an transparent alternative to our shishu dreams theme, for those who wants transparency on your lives, and Shishu Illusions, a black theme but with a background, inspired on old nokia days where theming was a thing on phones without rooting, and well, a bit of nostalgia isn’t bad, am i right? We want to say thanks to Sai (inflames08) for opensourcing his themes for substratum who helped us on Shishu Nights and djdarkknight96 for helping us by saying where should we touch and edit to get a background on our theme. Hope you enjoy both themes.

A lot happened… as a community

Well, we always thank the people for joining us and for give us support, and well, it’s time to say hi to the new devices, like santoni, z00l, oneplus3, tissot, z2_plus, potter, osprey and harpia! Hope you enjoy the new official builds for those devices! And well, huge thanks to our community on Telegram (900+ members currently) for the support, feedback, wallpapers, and love that share on every update! and also, thanks for all the special people who’re sending translations into our crowdin and make our ROM be adapted to various languages, also, we invite you to join to translate into other languages or fix our current translations! We now got our first iteration of translations merged, so you can enjoy of a full translation of the ROM and in some cases… a few bits of translations but well, if you’re unhappy with that the ROM isn’t fully translated on your language, come join us and help us support that language. Also, HUGE thanks to matihalperin for helping us setup crowdin and make all this possible.

And now, we can say: Enjoy our update, hope you like it and you can always send us feedback about it. And also keep the bootleg, all the time!

(if we miss something here, we sincerely apology for that)