Welcome to Bootleggers!

Trying to make you feel like 家

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The simplicity comes first

Our main goal is keeping everything simple, without you needing to do a lot of extra things for it. We've picked some apps and features with the goal of making you feel that your device is a swiss knife of useful things.

A dumpster but filled with nice things!

Check out our Bootleg Dumpster, our land of features, switches and menues with a lot of really good things. From a statusbar logo to a new recents alternative, who knows what can be in there!

We're supporting more than 15 devices, and in the future even more!

Our community of maintainers are giving their best to give you a great experience on every device, and we're adding patches and support for the new devices to come.

Get to know your Shishu Dreams

As many other projects, we got our custom theme called Shishu Dreams, a dark theme, with some gradients and pleasing colors. But if that doesn't fit you, you can check Shishu Nights, or Illusions, or Immensity, and there's more of our Shishu theme variants. Feel free to check them out and tell us what Shishu fits you!

And don't forget to feel like 家!

That's our goal. Giving you a variety of choices, mix them up with our aesthetics/customization and stability goals, with the end of making you feel at home. So hope you enjoy our project!